Long Term Impact

                                                                            The Treaty would affect Germany and her army in all future wars.  The Treaty tried to stop Germany from harming others but, that didn't happen.

The Leauge of Nations

The first major topic disscussed at the Paris Peace Conference was the Leauge of Nations. President Wilson drafted the first Covenant of the Leauge of nations. On February Fourteenth, Wilson presented the Covenant to the Plenary session of the Congress.  Many of the delegates approved and applauded the idea.  WIlson felt triumphant in this  idea. 


Positive Effects of the Treaty

It made the Geman Army less powerful
Limited German Naval power
Germany paid reparations
Stopped Germany from progressing in the war.
Made Germany a weaker fighting force.
Saved Allied lives
Germany surrendered 

Negative effects of the Treaty

Hitler said he would liberate the German people of the dictated Treaty
One of the main causes of World War Two
Germany felt the Jewish Politicians had betrayed them
Germany demanded they be treated the same as all other countries
Germany felt dishonored
Germany had to pay reparations for the war
Made Gemany mad  at the opposing countries
LImited Hitler's Army's size
Hitler violated the Treaty in World War Two